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This is the website of TOOGAM. Further details, including contact information, is provided or referenced on this web page, although after some other information such as basic technical information about this site.

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NOTICE: Music may play on some pages on this site. (If not now, then this may occur in the future.) Most such pages are likely to (eventually) have JavaScript controls, but that's not guaranteed on all pages on the site. For information about how this website uses collected information, see the Privacy Policy (discussed lower on this page).

The first hypertext link on this site's home page is intentionally being used to point to a page for basic web browsers. (This is because such browsers may not be able to scroll down as easily as other web browsers, and this website has been founded by a person who generally invests some effort into compatibility, including making sure multiple browsers can access most material in a pleasant fashion.) The second link is to the Google Search Engine due in part to that web page's simplistic layout.

In respect to users of basic web browsers, and so that this page can act as a warning for those who do not want their web browsers to load and process such material, this page does not automatically download multimedia such as background music, or any substantial, advanced scripting. Other pages on this site may, though.

This page is mainly meant to be reference point where other resources can be found, or visited, by using hyperlinks found on this page. This page is designed to be located at http://TOOGAM.com so following now is a list of hyperlinks to such resources (similar to a table of contents):

About TOOGAM (what it means)
Discussion of what TOOGAM means, what the phrase was designed to be used for, and its general history.
Basic web browsers
Supporting information and resources for browsers designed for for low bandwidth environments, displays with graphical limits such as text mode displays and small displays like those of mobile phones, and early browsers for proprietary operating environments/systems such as those found on video game consoles. Due to typing speed limits imposed by the lack of a full-sized keyboard for some such devices, an alternate web address of http://TOOGAM.com/ez has been given so that the page has an address which is easier to type.
About TOOGAM.com
Some information about this website.
Smaller sites, networks, or portions of sites with subtituted addresses. (Smaller, that is, then the larger site/network which consists of both the rest of TOOGAM.com plus what is linked to from that page.) One example is subsites/dslhost/ which links to this page.
Web pages about software, including downloading software. Quite a bit of software that is recommended for various functions is listed in the downloaded software archive area, and some can/will have information about them. This section of the site takes up gigabytes and gigabytes from the local copies of some software, some of which may be a bit hard to find (even if it had been more prevalently offered in the past).
Base files
Files, such as JavaScript code and CSS, which provide some basic functionality used by other web pages on this site.
Older Pages
Some older versions of the TOOGAM.com site. As well as that directory is avvhome.htm and orgidx.htm.
Xbox Modification
Some support for running custom content on an Xbox video game system, without the need to open up the Xbox case at all.
The person known as TOOGAM
As stated in the section About TOOGAM, TOOGAM is a name of a person. For information about the person that name was meant to refer to, this section may have some more information.
Contact Information
Information about contacting TOOGAM is available from the site's “Contact Information” page.

About TOOGAM (what it means)

TOOGAM is an acronym for "The One Of Greatness And Magnificence", which is a phrase that is a psuedonym for the person who invented the term and founded this website. The term was invented during TOOGAM's youthful high school days when such self-ego was used for its value in humor and reflect a goal of promoting positive self-esteem. The name was designed to be shorter in length than SCVTGAWTMEMRM, a semi-pronouncable ("scuvt-got-mem-rem") acronym for most of what TOOGAM has labeled as his "real" full name: Scott Conrad VanderWoude The Great Awesome Wonderful Terrific Magnificent Exalted Majestic Role Model (The First). (Unsurprisingly, only the first three words of that mumbo jumbo are referred to significantly on his birth certificate.) When TOOGAM considered changing his Internet handle to something that was a more serious and which sounded a less haughty, a friend encouraged him to keep using the name TOOGAM as it has become part of his identity. A new meaning may someday to chosen as an official backronym that abbreviates to the same thing.

The phrase has been abbreviated by TOOGAM further down to "The One Of Greatness", acronymized to TOOG. Due to the homonymity of Too and Two, TOOG has been abbrevaited by TOOGAM to 2g. As an alternative to 2g when starting with a number is disallowed, TOOGAM has also used gg and/or GG.


About TOOGAM.com

Current Status

This site is the successor to the older site where my home pages had rested on before. Some older pages are still at that location, TOOGAM.Bespin.Org. This site had remained dormant for some time while I believed the web server could be unreliable (as it was self-maintained and I was learning about system administration), and I had wished to implement a feature to keep a copy of all past versions of the site so that one could submit a date and see exactly what the web site looked like at that time, including all older, deleted pages and the 404 error pages one would expect for addresses that may be newer and have been added after the specified date. (For a public implementation on a wider scale, one can see the Wayback Machine website.) I had finally decided, though, to not hold off on the website's public development until that feature was added. As much as it may seem interesting to have that sort of feature be able to go back to the very beginning, I decided that beginning heavier development and public offering of the pages ealier, rather than later, was a bigger advantage. (There didn't seem to be any major advantage to having a sparse, mostly useless site prior to the introduction of that feature.)


In addition to containing information and resources about subjects I may find interesting, which will of course be an appeal to those who are also interested in the same things, my web sites are generally expected to feature:

Other features, such as widespread usage of enhancements such as background music or speech synthesis, which are fully expected to be optional, may become more widespread among pages on my site.

Other Site Information


This site has not yet generated some policies in forms that can be automatically read by user-agent client software such as Internet Explorer 6's support of Privacy Policy files. Policies listed at the beginning of a section of a site should be considered valid for the entire section except where noted otherwise in the start of another section. Sections may be distinguished, possibly amongst other methods, by different paths (sub-directories commonly separated in web site addresses by forward slashes) and/or machine names.

The continued offering of free services might not be guaranteed.

If this site is on a low bandwidth host, then appropriate respect of bandwidth limitations are requested.

Privacy Policy

This site has not yet generated a Privacy Policy that can be automatically read by user-agent client software such as Internet Explorer 6. I probably will add that at some point. Unless otherwise specified for a specific section, no rights of privacy are safely assumed when accessing the public web pages of this site. For example, this site's maintainer may use the site's logs as the maintainer sees fit.

Information may be logged.

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