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This page is meant to provide information about contacting the webmaster.

For now, this website is only providing phone information, and only for users of certain software. This should work with Shockwave and has been found to also work with Adobe Flash Player 10.

How this works: After clicking on the below object, enter your name and phone number. (This might only work for some areas, such as Americans and possibly Canadians.) Google's “Google Voice” offering will then call the entered phone number. After that phone is answered, Google Voice can then call a specific number that has been selected by this web page's webmaster. This system allows the site's webmaster to receive phone calls without being too heavily abused by anybody using this web page (because if things get out of hand, the web object that is being abused may be disabled).

Naturally, this may not work so well if your phone is not able to answer Google's phone call, such as if incoming phone calls to your phone number get sent to a computer which routes the phone calls after the caller enters a desired extension.

Users of plugins that support the relevant (Shockwave) “web object” should find the object directly below this paragraph.

To implement such a thing yourself, start by getting a free phone number from http://Google.com/voice/. The Settings menu (seen when logged into Google Voice) has a Call Widgets section.

For other contact information that may be available on this website, see the Contact Information page for this website.