I've been working on some web pages, and have some exciting (a.k.a. big, large-scale) plans for this web site. It may take a while for me to get to the point where I have several things moved beyond their current status, in the planning stages, and into an implemented-and-publicly-viewable stage. In the meantime, I thought I'd at least place some information on this site regarding stuff that is currently online.


I have some interest in taking control of the software that my Xbox runs, and I've helped other people do the same with their Xbox. This technique has become known as a software-based mod, as it provides some similar functions as hardware "mod-chips". Due to my listing on the XboxLinux's Users help Users page, I've assisted people from multiple nations. Details on my involvement are available at http://toogam.com/xboxmod

My older site

My older web site is still available at http://bespin.org/~toogam and other equivilent, working addresses which, as of this writing, include:

(This is the most up-to-date version of that web site, my home on the world wide web which has also been on other locations such as http://toogam.dhs.org, http://toogam.home.ml.org, and quite possibly on even more locations such as under bespin.pacificrim.net, nas.com, nether.net, bespin.cx, and/or host names ending with wwu.edu.)

It wasn't with great pride that I wrote on that site: "These pages have not been regularily updated for a long time, and I don't see them becoming regularily updated in the near future."

The message was accurate, though. The web site hadn't been significantly updated for over 2 years and seven months, and it was less than a week shy of a year later that I decided to update the site again. Even then, that was just to point to this page which describes the future of the useful content on that site.

The useful things on that page will eventually get placed on http://TOOGAM.Com. After that happens, I intend to modify the old pages so that they point to their new home. This way any links to the older pages can still result in the desired information being found, but visitors will realize that the old locations are not likely to be kept up to date. To avoid link rot, I do not intend for any of the HTML pages on the old site to become 404's, so I won't purposefully delete any of the older pages, but I may not make great efforts to ensure that the old site does remain. Most likely it will, though, as the main founder and main current administrator of Bespin.Org is against link rot just as I am.


This is the name of a web site I am creating. Currently http://HYLIA.Com is essentially a placeholder for things to come. This is the successor to the efforts I put forth on Niels 't Hooft's site ZHQ, and it is about the video game series The Legend of Zelda.


http://GeoCities.Com/toogam has some information about how to get a Dreamcast to play imports, "mod chips" for other systems, and similar such information. Maybe someday there will be more material on that site, although I don't have any current plans for expanding it.