Scott Conrad VanderWoude


4015 Eliza Ave 11-B


Bellingham, WA 98226


My Greatest Assets

The greatest assets I contribute to any organization are the abundance of positive values that are so integral to my character that I always exhibit them.  The foremost of these attributes is Integrity.  I address challenges with extreme patience.  Often what people notice early is how strongly and constantly my demeanor exhibits professional character.

Format Education/Credentials

I have obtained an Associate of Science in Computer Information Systems from Whatcom Community College.  During the 9 months of the 2007-2008 academic year where I pursued this degree, I obtained a perfect 4.0 GPA.  I also formally hold Whatcom Community Collegeís more generalized Associate of Arts and Sciences, plus Tech Support and Net Admin certificates.

In addition to those credentials, I obtained CompTIAís Network+, A+, Security+ and Server+ industry-recognized certifications.  Three of my CompTIA certifications were obtained in just a single dedicated month, resulting in 3D Corporationís press release which was printed by multiple independent publications (still shown by one of GoSkagitís articles about Scott VanderWoude, and by BBJís online announcement of Scott VanderWoudeís achivement).

I have received HE/TunnelBroker.netís IPv6 “Sage” Certification.  Certificate usage stats showed I was within the first 50 people in Washington State to be awarded with this distinction.


I have contributed at 3D Corporation from June 2008, starting there shortly before completing the on-site course work from Whatcom Community College.  I quickly became part of 3Dís Help Desk staff, regularly receiving phone calls from local business managers and owners.  We also completed technical trouble tickets created by customer E-Mails, our website, and automated tasks.  Already familiar with multiple computer programming/coding languages, I learned 3Dís preferred language in a single dedicated weekend.  I used the new skill to single-handedly drive a complex automated task from early conception to a completed prototype.  This was tested and then immediately deployed this onto multiple servers, providing accurate early detection of multiple technical issues.  This raised our accuracy and speed while reducing the required steps to correct multiple situations that were previously handled only when noticed manually.  From then on, I have heavily contributed to the internal development process of 3Dís internal software tool suite.  I personally created code and released it to become automatically deployed to servers and hundreds of workstations of dozens of different private, non-profit, and government organizations.

The role as development staff had me working closely with technical management, aligning myself enough that I later became the initial trainer for all new technical staff members.  3D later promoted me to Network Administrator, officially overseeing the work of newer staff members.

Prior to my pursuit of WCCís AS degree in CIS, I served at T-Mobile Wireless from June 2003 through November of 2007, primarily by assisting nationwide customers who called into Bellinghamís T-Mobileís call center.  This greatly fine-tuned my skills in team environments.

While working at T-Mobile, I also spent months in 2006-2007 as part time staff of OpenAccess right after this local Internet service provider recently acquired Network Access Services (  A primary role there was similar to how I started at 3D, serving customers by phone and completing technical work orders.  That ended when OpenAccess operations stabilized, after which no part time staff remained.  I still continued my simultaneous full-time job at T-Mobile.

I worked for Tilt Family Entertainment, the video game arcade of the Bellis Fair mall in Bellingham when the store was in the larger, more prominent location.  I was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager and shortly after to Store Manager.  The previous store manager had re-located to be promoted to run a larger store.  I was later told that I was the deciding factor that led to my supervisorís promotion (instead of another storeís manager), as I was the more promising replacement store manager.  As the new store manager, I readily took on tasks critical to store operations, including sensitive jobs like interviewing, selecting, hiring, and training new store personnel.  Each new recruit I selected and prepared proved to be reliable, and useful.  I wanted to eventually utilize my noteworthy technical expertise, so moved on to successfully complete the remaining courses for my first college degree.

Earlier work also involved much focus on directly providing excellent customer experiences.

Software Expertise

Additional Community Involvement

I have been working extensively to support the worldwide technical community by the creation of a website called Cyber Pillar.  This currently consists of about 250 web pages and initial content has been created.  It is in some of the final states of revision before a public launch.

Locally, I regularly serve Cornwall Church's “Salt on the Street” program by providing necessary transportation around the city that enable multiple additional volunteers to participate.  We serve as “the hands and feet of Jesus Christ”, by locating houseless residents around the city, providing basic sustaining necessities (most especially food).  I have done this weekly since January of 2011.  I have also helped with obtaining the supplies needed to perform this service.


Chris McCoy (208)608-3077 was the Tech Manager for most of my time at 3D.  (He has since moved.)  Since then, Mike has become the Tech Manager, serving as my direct supervisor at 3D Corporation.  John, CFO, also knows my contributions at 3D very well.  3Dís phone number is (360)671-4906.