Note that some Shareware has had the registered versions released as retail software, and so if some software is not found in the Retail section, one may wish to check out the Shareware section.

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World of WarCraft

There are a number of downloads: The client itself may be downloadable online. There are official patches to the game. There are unofficially-released addons that Blizzard offers some unofficial support for (by initially introducting and then continuing to include the LUA interpretor in the game).


There are enough different downloads for the various versions of the DOOM series that a separate page has been made. This site also has a separate Shareware Games: section on DOOM.

Levels have been GPL'ed.
[#warcrft2]: WarCraft II

Files meant for various incarnations of WarCraft II, including WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness, and the WarCraft 2X: Beyond The Dark Portal (BTDP) Expansion, and WarCraft II: Battle.Net Edition, will be included on this site. WarCraft II: The Dark Saga was released for some video game platforms and included levels from both Tides of Darkness and BTDP, both of which were officially included in the Battle.Net edition for personal computers.

If downloading from the Blizzard's main site and getting error 403: Forbidden, it may just be that the FTP site is “full” (meaning it was too busy to fulfill the request). If one tries again right away, it might work.

For the Shareware versions that Blizzard released, see the Shareware Games: Warcraft II section. For other files related to this game, see the Warcraft II page.

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (Warcraft 1)

This game was known to run very slow on very many machines, even being much slower than its more popular sequel (Warcraft 2).

Warcraft (1) patch to version 1.21, Documentation of patches for Warcraft 1 for DOS, Patch for Warcraft 1 for Macintosh to version 1.06. this site's Shareware Games page, section on Warcraft (1) has links to shareware versions for DOS and Mac. Blizzard has made the installation passwords for Warcraft 1 publicly available. For more information, see Blizzard's Warcraft 1 page, Blizzard's Warcraft 1 section. Some more resources: Blizzard's large Warcraft logo (saved local as warcraft.jpg), a smaller Warcraft logo (with black background) (saved local as war1lgos.gif), Cheat codes


The Starcraft FTP area on Blizzard's site has several subdirectories. (There is a demos directory with only a Windows version: For the Mac version, see this site's Shareware Games: Starcraft section.)

There is also a directory for Broodwar with two subdirectories. One has the BW Sound Utility and the other is for Broodwar patches.

Source code

Slashdot commentary about Descent 2 may have some more updated information (including hyperlinking back to here).

The Descent Developer Network: section for source code is located just below the section with file specifications. Descent 1 source at says “You are allowed to use this code only for non-commercial, non-revenue generating purposes only.”

d1srcpc.exe is zipped locally as This is a self extracting RAR file. This was obtained from under descent1/original/ under just like d2srcpc.exe was obtained from descent2/original under the same location.

Mac info
See MacDescent3Dfx ( ). also has Mac source code as from the same location as the PC source code for Descent 1.
More info/sites
D1X Project with source code enhancements. D2X Project with source code is also available. D2X-XL also exists.
Other downloads
Many additional levels are referenced by An Interplay web page about Descent.
[#tetrisgm]: Tetris: The Grand Master

This is a series of Tetris games that can have some very fast dropping pieces. The game mechanics seem slightly altered: Compared to a standard Tetris game, there seems to be a bit more leniency to be able to slide or rotate pieces before they “thud” (become unmovable and unrotatable). However, these mechanics are likely to be essentially necessary because of the speed of the dropped pieces, which is essentially looks to be instant. One other nice thing the game does seem to do for the player is to allow a piece to be put into a “Hold” area, so that it may be swapped for the current piece at any time.

A great way to become familiar with the game's speed is to view Arika's promotional video of TGM HOLic a.k.a. Jin8 playing “Tetris: The Grand Master3 - Terror Instinct”. (Note: This video, and others available from the same web site, have been made available with a license that only permits non-commercial use by others, per the Arika Movie Downloads (web page in English). That web page does also show some additional videos from the Tetris The Grand Master series.)

In the promotional video, pieces start dropping at an essentially instant speed, but there are a couple of difficulty increases shown. The first very notable one is the pieces speed up substantially when the player reaches level 400. (Each piece dropped advances one level, while cleared lines also provide an increase in the level count. This happens at 2 minutes and 47 seconds on the game's counter, which is just after 3 minutes into the video.) At 4 minutes and 54seconds is when the final, timed phase begins. It is good for the player that this is timed, because otherwise it does not appear that the player would have lasted for even ninety seconds.

A video showing TGM-Ace, on the XBOX 360, shows a “Master Mode” which is similar the TGM3 promotional video.

For an additional concept of how to make Tetris challenging, see Bastet.