DOOM Shareware

This is a section with resources related to the shareware version of DOOM. (For further information about the fully registered release of the game, as well as information about the sequel, DOOM 2, see: DOOM (Registered).

Downloadable files:

Shareware versions
Installation files (distributed as single file archives)
Shareware multi-archive distributions
Version 1.2 and have the file sizes mentioned in and may not be authentic. (Use at your own risk.)
Version 1.1 and perhaps:

Files related to older, pre-release versions of DOOM are described and/or available at: these locations:

Patches for Shareware versions
Sequential Patches
  • DOOM 1.8 Shareware to 1.9 Shareware Patch (zipped locally as
  • DOOM 1.Triple Six Shareware to 1.8 patch: The most original patch file available is the DM18SPT.ZIP that is zipped locally on this website at (DOOM 1.8 Shareware Patch, zipped, from an old collection). That was obtained from which contained this patch and other DOOM patches. It is quite possible that this 1.8 patch came straight from id Software's FTP site, although truth be told, that isn't 100% certain. The file was byte for byte identical (even though the file time meta data differed) to another copy of the patch which is in from this website. That copy came from a collection of files which had been suspected as affected by malware (although subsequent review suggests most files in that collection were actually clean).

    The file (as found on has an added dm18spt.txt file. It has been zipped locally as and (previously under ) are identical: The file from these locations has an executable added (which is likely an advertisement for a shareware distributor). The file has been zipped locally as All of these various non-identical versions of the 1.8 patch distributions have a PATCH.ZIP and all the PATCH.ZIP files are different. However, the extracted contents of the three PATCH.ZIP files are byte of byte identical, other than the version from having an extra executable.

  • For patches related to the public beta versions 1.4 through 1.6, see the page on the retail version of DOOM: section on patches related to beta versions as that section has details about the patches that involve using both the registered version of DOOM 1.2 and also the public beta versions of DOOM.
  • DOOM 1.2 Shareware to 1.Triple Six Shareware Patch (zipped locally as
  • DOOM 1.1 Shareware to 1.2 Patch (mirror of the file for the DOOM 1.1 Shareware to 1.2 Patch) have been zipped locally as Another has also been zipped locally as This alternate version is a bit larger, but the files within that file have been verified to be byte for byte identical with the files from's (This alternate version may have simply come from an old collection.)
  • AltDOOM1.ZipVarious Versions of DOS4GW Extender (meant for DOOM 1.1)
  • It is not clear how these files compare. Use at your own risk. (seems to be modified, at least by having a zip file comment added) (This does ssem to be legitimate, as noted by )
  • The origin of this file may not be quite trustworthy, as it does not seem to be offered by a wide variety of sites. Use at your own risk. (seems to be modified (at least by having a zip file comment added). This is different than Doom11Pt although the files do refer to DOOM11PT in some fashion.
Patches directly to version 1.9