Note: Several of the files linked to come from the Microsoft FTP server (often from the Microsoft Software Library (MSL description, MSL file index), and The peropsys directory (which is maintained by Microsoft Product Support, as described in the peropsys description). The FTP server has been known to be unreliable, including not working well with some FTP clients, and aborting transfers. It is therefore recommended to check the downloads before assuming they are successful. (The program WGET quite nicely detected the issue, and retried the downloads, resuming successfully.) (Another option, naturally, is to obtain the files from somewhere else, such as Microsoft's website using http URLs.)

[#stepup6x]: Some “Step-Up” (“StepUp”) files
The MS-DOS 6.x Step-Up EXE files are all self-extracting Zip files. (They can be extracted with some of the software on the Archivers page.)
MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up (StepUp)
English releases of MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up
Some more languages for MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up
Some langauges have releases that fit a similar pattern, as described here:
More languages
The local versions of these files have been renamed to STEPxxx.EXE (replacing the xxx with the country code mentioned on Q206071) so that they don't conflict with the English STEPUP.EXE file.

Some information about the MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up:

  • Q121320 explains that MS-DOS 6.22 has similar files with different extentions: *.??# is for updating MS-DOS 6.0 (and is an extension used quite a bit in the file lists of the 6.0 to 6.2 upgrade, Q105607 and Q105619) and *.??^ is for updating MS-DOS 6.2, whereas *.??_ files are compressed files that get expanded. There is also a single *.??@ file: (there are IO.SY#, IO.SY^, and IO.SY@ files).
  • Q119151 contains content from the README.NOW file from the "MS-DOS 6.22 Setup-Up (BBS)"
  • MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up ReadMe.Txt (info about the files included in STEPUP.EXE)
  • Q120768: Disks created by MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade and Step-Up Setup /F shows what files can be created with Step-Up Setup /F. Note that this may note create a bootable diskette: With the downloaded Step-Up this was attempted but the A:\IO.SYS and A:\MSDOS.SYS files created were identical 22,880 byte files.
[#dos6to62]: Other Step-Ups: Upgrading to MS-DOS 6.2

MS-DOS 6.0 to 6.2 StepUp did exist. However, it seems to have disappeared from any Microsoft public (web/FTP) site (which, and this is complete speculation, might be due to the results of the legal action that led to the creation of version 6.21 of MS-DOS). (It had been distributed on the FTP site under /peropsys/msdos as msdos6.2/stepup.exe and possibly something else under msdos6.2/ENGLISH/. and /peropsys/MSDOS/msdos6.2/FRENCH/.) Q105607 is a list of the files in the 1MSDOS62.EXE and 2MSDOS62.EXE files from this version of MS-DOS StepUp. Q105619 is a file list from the 5.25 inch 1.2MB disks. Q105618 is a file list from the 90mm disks (commonly known as “1.44MB”, 1/2" floppy disks”. Q105609 contains the contents of the SETUP.BAT file.

Since the file is not distributed by Microsoft, third party sites are the only location to find this file that Microsoft publicly distributed. Although it is possible none of these files are authentic, here are some pointers to the files that appear most likely to be valid: MS-DOS 6.0 to 6.2 STEPUP.EXE (found from /download/utilities.htm on that server) (zipped locally as stepup/ matches the oldest copies that TOOGAM had saved, which appear to have been from 2005 and so may have been collected from some third party site(s) and may not have been verified to be authentic. I found a file MS-DOS 6.2 (Unofficial, untested archive of unknown origin) which seems to have the MS-DOS 6.2 files. 7-Zip was able to open the file without a problem. I also found 62stepup.exe (from ../msdos.htm on that site) which seems largely similar, but some files are different. (Not all files that exist in one package exist in the other, and the README.* file is formatted differently, with some slightly different verbage.) MS-DOS 6.2 upgrade Readme file (HTML) (found from ../msdos.htm on that server) is another copy found, but not verified. Maybe the authentic file is 1,345,024 bytes, or 1,339,776 bytes?

A file identifying itself as MS-DOS 6 to 6.2 (German) was located at:
TOOGAM saved a copy of this file (probably on April 14, 2006), renaming the file. Since then it seems that German website has changed the location of the file, but the saved copy is stored at stepup/ Note that this file has not been verified to be authentic, but it is being provided anyway in hopes that it is and in recognition that finding other copies might not be very easy.

Perhaps DOS 6 to 6.2 upgrade could benefit from the following file: ( documented on IBM BBS listing at )

dos6to62.exe    29166 05-31-95  COUNTRY.SYS and KEYB.COM files ..."File 
                                contains MS-DOS versions of COUNTRY.SYS and 
                                KEYB.COM which allows upgrading of MS-DOS 6.0 
                                w/o the error message that files cannot be 
                                upgraded. Installation: Download file. In DOS, 
                                change to the directory with the file. Type: 
                                DOS6TO62 C:\DOS to expand le into the DOS 
                                directory. Answer ""Y""es to overwrite files." 

Additional files packages
A package of files
MS-DOS Utilities (OLDDOS.EXE): applications (that from the HELP.HLP file seem to be from MS-DOS 6.22) licensed for use with Windows 95. It comes with all of the following files: APPEND.EXE, CHKSTATE.SYS, EXPAND.EXE, GEAPHICS.COM and .PRO, HELP.HLP and .COM, INSTSUPP.BAT, INTERLNK.EXE, INTERSVR.EXE, LICENSE.TXT, LOADFIX.COM, MEMMAKER.EXE and .HLP and .INF, MONOUMB.386, PRINT.EXE, QBASIC.EXE (version 1.1) and .HLP, README.TXT, REPLACE.EXE, RESTORE.EXE, SIZER.EXE, TREE.COM, UNDELETE.EXE. (I am thinking that some of these are from MS-DOS 6.22 and work better in Win9x if using SETVER.EXE.)
[#msdossup]: Supplemental Disks

The different MS-DOS 6.xx packages are very nearly the same as each other (when reviewing what files they come with.) Some of the software in these “supplemental files” was found in earlier releases of MS-DOS.

The “Microsoft Library” has files in the MSLFILES/ directory underneath which also had a README.TXT file. (A list of other files in that directory can be found by viewing the MSLFiles directory or the index.txt file in the Softlib directory.)

The files in the area maintained by “Microsoft Product Support” were placed in the msdos/public/supplmnt/ subdirectory underneath the location which had a readme.txt stating who maintained the area.

See also: MS-DOS 6.0 Resource Kit: Utilities page, Q96959 (NET.TXT), Q76297 (DOS 5 supp), AccessDOS

Specific Upgrades
The following upgrades may not be needed for all MS-DOS 6.22 users, but are available as separate downloads from Microsoft, so users of other operating system versions can get these files by themselves.
MS-DOS 5.0 Messages Reference