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Some files include:

Official Addons
WinG 1.0
Officially called (by Q125698 and also Microsoft Software Library (MSL) Directory's Index) WinG SDK 1.0, I believe this is actually a runtime for end-users to download to install the necessary extentions, rather than a bunch of libraries for developers to employ. MDGX's Win3.1x Upgrades page calls this "16-bit GDI Graphics/Video Acceleration Runtime Libraries (DLLs)". Related downloads/links: Some programs would require WinG. There wasn't a lot of investment in WinG, though, because DirectX on Windows 95 wasn't released long after WinG.
A subset of the Win32 API that was extensively used by programs designed for Windows 95. One program that used it was Freecell, which came bundled with Win32s so that it could be used as a test application. (Users of Win32 systems such as Windows 98 can run PW1118.EXE and it will state that Win32s isn't needed, and will nicely offer to install Freecell.) Q125014 discusses ways to detect a Win32s version and has information about which OLE versions came bundled with (1.2 and later) versions of Win32s.
[#pw1118]: Win32s 1.30c (released February 19, 1996) (also called version

Came with OLE 2.03b. Win32s 1.30c from Microsoft Software Library (MSL) Directory (zipped locally: Win32s 1.30c zipped locally), Win32s FAQ (zipped local copy) gives uninstallation instructions. Q122235 (mirror) says "There are no plans to further update Win32s at this time."

Older versions
Other, older versions are listed on Q125014. A file labelled 950111 says "Versions of WIN32S above 1.1 are not supported under OS/2 V3.0". Actually, it seems any Win32s 1.2 version can be used with OS/2 V3.0 (but might need some sort of extra supporting software?). Versions Win32s 1.25A (May 1995) w32s125a.exe and Win32s 1.30a (September 1995) ole32s130a.exe are available from Winsock-L FTP Listings. However, note these files are coming from an unofficial source, and the pw1118.exe from there is the same file size, but differs, from the PW1118.EXE obtained from Microsoft.
Win32s issue with S3 dispaly driver (says to either change aperture-base=100 to be =0 and restart Windows, or upgrade the driver to version 1.3). OS2 fix
OLE Version 2.03
I suspect this may be a newer version than 2.03d that came with Win32s, since Win32s was released in February 1996 and Q123087 was last updated October 31, 1996. Donwload from
Video for Windows
Video for Windows 1.1e (download found from Winsock-L FTP Listings), (identical to Video for Windows 1.1e downloaded from, zipped locally) MSDN article on VfW says: "Microsoft® Video for Windows® (VFW) provides functions that enable an application to process video data. VFW was introduced in 16-bit Windows. Many of its features have been superseded by features in DirectX." Video capturing software and devices have been known to use VFW, but many newer equipment supports Windows Driver Module (WDM). Q205087: Files used by MS VfW. John McGowan's AVI Overview mentions an old URL from Microsoft. Version 1.1e was the last version for Win 3.1x (according to Wikipedia's “Video for Windows” page). For some more information, see John McGowan's AVI Overview. It says “ActiveMovie is Microsoft's successor to Video for Windows”. Wikipedia's Video for Windows page (from April 22, 2009) says “In March 1997, Microsoft announced that ActiveMovie would become part of the DirectX 5 suite of technologies, and around July started referring to it as DirectShow.” (However, that sentence cites two Microsoft sources which don't have the name ActiveMovie in either one of the cites sources.)
PC Speaker Sound Driver
Official, from Microsoft. Meant for Windows 3.1, works in Windows 95, and is described by MDGX Windows 3.1x Upgrades pages as "Microsoft Windows 3.1x/9x/ME PC Speaker Driver 16-bit SPEAKER.DRV". Many computers did not have sound cards, yet did have fully working PC Speakers. When this was installed, sound quality could be quite poor: This was able to be compensated for by changing an option that would slow down system reponsiveness (such as interacting with the mouse) when sound played. Microsoft PC Speaker Driver for Windows plays *.WAV type output from a PC Speaker, but is not a MIDI device. Despite the issues of quality with a PC speaker, this caused some PC speakers to play more advanced sound than any other PC Speaker software (which often played simple music notes), and was often superior than the silence otherwise offered by a computer without a sound card. Q138857 has another download URL: Microsoft PC Speaker Driver for Windows and Q138857 says it applies to Windows 95, 98 Std Edition, 98 2nd Edition, and Win Me. The local copy on this web site has been zipped.
Updates (for WfWG 3.11) of existing files

Q133255 says that the article applies to Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and it "WFWFILES.EXE is a self-extracting file that includes the same update files for the Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 client as those found in the \CLIENTS\WFW\UPDATE directory on the Windows NT Server version 3.51 CD-ROM." WFWFILES.EXE is a valid Zip file.

WFWFILES.EXE from Microsoft Software Library (MSL) Directory has a local copy which has been zipped.

[#ww0981]: WW0981.EXE Windows 3.11 Refresh files,

Updates 8 core files

The README.TXT in WFWFILES.EXE calls this “WW0981: WINDOWS(TM) 3.11 REFRESH FILES”, and “the Windows 3.11 update for Windows 3.10 users”, and includes instructions “To update a” (local or network) “installation of Windows 3.10 to Windows 3.11”. For some more information: Windows 3.1 and 3.11 comparison, Posted question with list of drivers changed. Note that upgrading to newer versions of Windows may impact compatibility with OS/2 (especially “OS/2 for Windows”: (OS/2 information), WIN311.ZIP upgrade to OS/2 for Windows (zipped locally in a parent directory as

Offered by Microsoft's site in WW0981.EXE, or WW0981UD.exe (an update with some batch files, available from Conrad's Home for Windows 3.1 at WW0981UD.EXE (from Conrad's Home)). WW0981UD.EXE contains a VGALOGO.RLE that is identified as Windows 3.11, and notes, "Even the retail version does not have this!"

Q124325: Calc.Exe update
Updated Calc.Exe from Microsoft Software Library (MSL) Directory is identical to the fix pointed to from Q124356. Q124356: Updated Calc.Exe has information on an update for Windows 3.1x (3.1, 3.11, WfW3.1, WfW3.11) and points to Updated Calc.Exe (from
(Zipped locally)
ww1138.exe 41573 06-22-95 MS Windows Calculator Upgrade ...MS Windows Calculator upgrade, fixes problems with rounding in earlier version with simple subtractions done with two numbers with integers to right of decimal point. Install: Download file and copy to empty directory. From DOS and directory containing file, enter: WW1138. See README.TXT file for further installation (described by file listing)

ww1000.exe 24830 05-19-95 VSHARE-replacement for SHARE ...File contains VSHARE.386(Ver This version is compatible with Windows 3.1, WFWG 3.1, 3.11. VSHARE.386 eliminates the need for SHARE.EXE. Installation: Download file. In DOS, change to the directory with the file and type: WW1000. See the README.TXT file for further installation instructions.

(found described on file listing)

See also MS KB Q112025: Updated VShare.386 for Windows(/Windows for Workgroups)

Windows File Manager
For Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11, there is Q85557 has links for various releases.
For Windows 3.1 and 3.11 (US English)
Q85557 links to: Windows File Manager Y2K display fix for Windows 3.1 and 3.11 (US English). There is also Updated File Manager for Windows 3.1 and Post-Year-2000 Dates from MSL.
Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (US English) File Manager Y2K display fix is also available, as well as other languages linked to from Q85557. Additionally, there is Updated File Manager for WFW 3.11 and Post-Year-2000 Dates found from MSL.
Problems with WfW 3.11
Proper 80387 support
WIN87EM.DLL Patch for Intel 80387
Some sort of OS/2 Installation
I belive this might only be needed for "OS/2 for Windows" version 2.1, as I'm thinking version 3.0 contains the code needed to work okay, and the regular OS/2 2.1 would just use the bundled WinOS2 software. OS/2 upgrade to support Windows 3.11: Win311.Zip description on suggests reviewing two files: 311QAS.TXT and 311NOTIC.TXT (obtained from OS/2 BBS (Telnet site) (as per OS/2 Shareware BBS fixes20.html).
Run-Time files
The Visual BASIC runtime files are often needed for programs that were created with Visual BASIC. Often a new version of the DLL files will work when old ones are needed, if the new ones are renamed to the correct files. (I do believe there was also a Visual BASIC for DOS, but this primarily has to do with Visual BASIC releases for Windows.)
VB 6.0 Runtimes
Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0: Run-Time Redistribution Pack (vbrun60sp6.exe) Thanks page long URL contains short URL
VB 5.0 Runtimes
5.0 link used by MGDX, so probably latest version.
Older versions
4.0?, Updated VBRUN300.DLL File VBRUN200.DLL VBRUN100.DLL,
TCP/IP information
For “Windows for Workgroups 3.11”, there is TCP/IP-32. See Q111682 for some info. Q99891 has some info on obtaining Tcp32b. The TCP/IP-32 may have had a code name of Wolverine before release, and perhaps was released as Wolv516.* (.exe and .txt), and also may have been known as TCPUPDATE (as noted with Q99891). See also howto.!Misc_Utils!Win32+TCPIP.html
Other info
Other resources:

Included in Win32s. (Grab above.)

Win32 users may also be interested in FreeCell Pro. Details are on the Freeware games page.


Included with Windows 3, but not in most copies of Windows 3.1. Wikipedia's article on Windows 3.1x says, “Reversi was still included in some copies”. It was also downloadable for Windows 3.xx users.

  • See REVERS.EXE from the Windows Driver Library (locally as or WFWADD.EXE, both downloadable from Conrad's home for Windows 3.1 (a site unrelated to the webmaster of this site, who has also been named Conrad). That Revers.exe file is 28,462 bytes and is a self-extracting zip file, containing a 17,264 byte file. The Reversi.exe and Reversi.Hlp files, from the Revers.exe archive, have the same bytes (so they are byte-for-byte identical) as the Reversi.exe and Reversi.Hlp files in the WFWADD.EXE archive.
(Reversi may also be available from Reversi 3.11) which provides a different (16,672 byte) executable.

The 16-bit versions mentioned here have been confirmed to be incompatible (so, they do NOT work) with Windows 7 64-bit.