Anti-Virus Software

AVGFree comes with a real-time scanner and is free for home users (non-commercial use). It is also updated regularly. When installing this under Win98SE, a scanner that works in DOS is also installed.

Latest download
AVG updates its list of downloads fairly regularly, and so to get the latest version, a visitor should visit that site rather than seeking the latest version from this site. AVG Free “Download update&lrquo; page has links to full versions of update files. AVG Free 7.5 “Download update” page has full update files for AVG 7.5.
AVG 8 (for some versions of Windows)

Unlike AVG 7.x, AVG Anti-Virus 8 does not install on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, or Windows Me. When trying (to see if the software might be unofficially working), an installation screen refers to “supported operating systems (Windows 2000 SP4 + Update Rollup Pack and higher)” (and it shows the URL of the above hyperlink which redirects to AVG 8.0 - Legacy OS support which describes the non-support).

AVG Free 8.0 build 100 (4/23/2008) (which AVG's partner CNET's download page called “AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0.1”) was 47,787,248 bytes. This is smaller than the older AVG 8.0 build 93 (4/16/2008) which is 53,395,256 bytes.

AVG 7.5 (for many versions of Windows)

AVG versions prior to 8.0 worked with more operating systems. When installing in Windows 98 Second Edition, a virus scanner for DOS would be installed and run before the Windows GUI appeared. Additionally, AVG Free 7.5 was smaller: 7.5.428 can be installed with a file that is less than a third of the size of AVG Free 8.01's installation file. (This advantage is somewhat mitigated by the need for downloading more virus updates, but it does represent a small initial download and installation file storage.)

A nice thing about AVGFree is that it updates itself without the need for manual user intervention. If someone wants to seriously scan a computer, applying updates is recommended. However, older versions can have smaller installation files which reduces the time required to transfer such files, the disk space usage of such installation files, and probably the actual install time. These factors may make older versions preferable for those who just want to quickly be done with the initial installation. The cost, which is reduced protection from using a version with less updates, only remains until the software is updated, a process which can be done manually within the software or as part of the regularly scheduled update process.

The latest updates (for the full AVG 7.5)
See: Download updates for AVG 7.5 (full version). The page has an “Important notice” about the downloads available on that page: “The listed program updates should not be used for the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.”
The latest AVG 7.5: 7.5.524a1293
AVG 7.5.524a1293 Free for Windows appears to have been released April 16, 2008. (The hyperlink to it was found from AVG Free Advisor: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5 The referenced URL to avg75free_524a1293.exe indicates a larger version number than the slightly smaller avg75free_524a1289 found from File Hippo's download area for AVG which contains older versions.
The expired offer
An expired, apparently legitimate offer for a free version of AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional (the full version) by Computeractive, a magazine released in the UK, did release a 38,947,797 byte file called avg7_503a1171_vnu.exe. (The web page had an E-Mail address at, so the vnu part of the filename is likely a similarity to that.) This is mentioned here for reference, but the download page did say “do not host this software elsewhere.” It has been reported that AVG 8 can be upgraded to (after installing this version, and the key is accepted) and downloads will updates will continue to be available until December 1, 2008.
AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition
AVG Admin 7.5 for Windows (actually version 7.5.516) from February 21, 2008, found listed on cache page.
Version 7.5.428
FileFront's download of avg75free_428a818.exe.txt (erroneously given a .txt extention which should be removed) matches the MD5sum given by a Grisoft Forum post by a moderator of that site. Although an MD5Sum can be faked, the match on the large FileFront site makes it quite likely that this software is indeed legitimate. (the original download locations and are no longer valid.) (This is mirrored locally in the antivir/avg/avgfree/ directory, renamed.)
AVGFree 7.5.432
This avg75free_432a904.exe was downloaded straight from Grisoft's site and TOOGAM later stored this, renamed, in the antivir/avg/avgfree/ directory.
AVG for Linux
The above-linked web page says: “Basic antivirus protection for Linux/FreeBSD available to download for free. Limited features, no support, for private and non-commercial use only.” 7.5.51 is available for: Debian, Debian, RPM, RedHat Linux, Fedora Core, SuSE based (SuSE Linux, Novell Linux Desktop), Mandriva based (Mandrake, Mandriva), Linux, AVG 7.5.51 for FreeBSD, See the hyperlinked page for links to updates: AVG for Linux. The filenames linked above that inlcude *.lms and/or *.tar.gz came from cache. Gentoo information. AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition 7.5 User Manual (PDF) (version 75.14)
Other releases/software
cache had hyperlinks to: “AVG 7.5 for MS Exchange 2000/2003” (version 75.16) from April 4, 2007, “AVG 7.5 for MS Exchange 5.x” (version 75.07) from April 4, 2007, “AVG 7.5 for SharePoint” (version 75.08), “AVG 7.5 for SharePoint” (version 8.10), “AVG 7.5 for Lotus Domino (MS Windows)” (version 75.11), AVG Rescue CD 7.5 RAR Archive (version 080321516) (154.8MB rar file), AVG Rescue CD 7.5 Creator (version 080321516) (681KB) AVG Rescue CD 7.5 User Manual (version 75.11) (PDF) (1.4MB)