These are subsites, no matter which one of these ways they are viewed: They can be viewed as smaller websites, just portions of the site they are on. Their addresses at this location can be considered substitutes for official or longer term addresses for the sites pointed to here. There may be links to entire websites or sub-networks which are part of the resources of this network, even if in no way other than putting the links on this page for reference.

Sites in this sub-section may be relocated or even erased at any time, and simply be newer, lower quality, sub-standard sites that don't have a better or longer term address yet. Please don't count on these links necessarily working long-term, or plan to leave a link to point long term to these locations without checking the address further as that may simply be contributing to link rot.

Sites supported by a common resource, which is a single current DSL connection. Actually, the URL should redirect to ( (The old address was at or but since then the connection moved. (I suspect the q and v in q-static and v-static refer to Qwest and Verizon.)