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This page is related to the Xbox video game system. (That video game system came out before the Xbox 360, which came out before the system that Microsoft named the “Xbox One”.)

Current Status of me providing SG Mods

April 2 2017:

I am no longer publicly seeking opportunities to serve as a distributor of this software. I have changed the phrase “I am now accepting” to “I was accepting”.

The E-Mail address I used for this project has been overrun by spam. Your best bet to try contacting me may be to check details at

At the time of this writing, I believe my Xbox has not been plugged in for over a year. I also lack some of the excitement for this which I had previously. (I believe some pieces of this solution infringed on some copyright, and would be far more inclined to have interest in this if all involved code used the OpenXDK.)

This rest of this page is essentially unaltered from the April 1, 2007 version. (The only differnces are the addition of the “Prior status” header, content above that, the change to say “I was accepting”, and removing some hyperlinks (just showing the URLs in HTML) since it seems a previously-available forum has been taken down (at least, at the address that was mentioned).

Prior status

Current Status: I was accepting Xbox Memory Units. I believe I have contacted anyone who has sent a request since October 1, 2003, and hasn't yet been given permission to send me the card. If you haven't been contacted, please E-Mail me with another request, and I'm sorry for having overlooked you if that's what happened.

Be sure to read this page, especially any new updates at the top, and E-Mail me a copy of the agreement, and ask me for the address to send the item to. Then I'll send you my mailing address. (If you already E-Mailed me a copy of the agreement on this page, uh... please do so again. It will be faster for you to just copy and paste that again in another E-Mail than for me to figure out if the last E-Mail you sent me has that in it.)

If you want to meet me in person, and bring a memory unit and/or your entire Xbox, you needn't ask. The answer is yes, you can come over. Just E-Mail me the agreement located below on the page so we can discuss when you want to come. The answer to the question of whether you're allowed to come is "yes". These experiences are always nice, as not only can I spend less effort making sure I can keep track of your stuff, but I also get to make sure that things work well or, if they don't, then I can learn from that. I in fact prefer visits in person, even though they do take a bit longer out of my time.

So far, I seem to have had successful transactions with everyone who sent me a memory unit, with one exception. I never got the memory unit, in the case of this one exception, and the guy said that stuff gets lost in the mail around him too often, and furthermore he found a local friend to help him out, so it doesn't seem that's really a case of a lost package. For a while I had expressed concerns of this page because I didn't receive as many memory units as I expected, but upon contacting people and asking questions I found that's because not as many people sent memory units as I thought.

I have had some issues that, while they don't cause any major problems (like a lost memory unit), they have caused delays (sometimes lengthy). In order to make this go as smoothly as possible, here some additional guidelines that I want followed:

Thanks to all who have shown understanding while I stopped taking new orders so I could sort any problems out.

Current Status of XBoxes once SG Mods are performed

Note that success reports vary. I've had people say everything worked great. I've had people come over to my house, and have results that are mediocre. I had one Xbox enter my house that I couldn't get video on the Xbox working. I'm guessing this Xbox was a newer Xbox (1.4 or 1.5) that used the Focus encoder chip instead of the Conexant chip like older Xboxes. I have managed to get every Xbox I've tried to run an FTP server. This is good because then, even if you can't run everything you'd like to, you can at least write files to the hard drive. I've also been able to execute unsigned code of my choosing on every Xbox, although the Xbox with Focus chip had limited success in that area just because I didn't have any good code to execute that worked well with the focus chip. I'm sure that situation will be improved shortly (perhaps it already has).

So, even if some things don't work as well on your Xbox as it does on mine, you should at minimum expect to be able to write files of your choice to the hard drive, and execute code. Then when a newer Linux release does get released, you'll have all the tools to be able to install the newer release. If you still need an SG Mod, I do encourage you to obtain it. Realize that your level of success may vary depending on what Xbox you use, but the ability to transfer files and run code is the significant first step that the SG Mod will definitely be able to accomplish for you. The rest may require some additional know-how and an ethernet connection to your computer so you can transfer over new software when it is available, and in worse case scenerio you may even still need a copy of MechAssault or 007: Agent Under Fire (if, like the last person I assisted as of this writing, who had a focus chip, you're a bit nervous of overwriting your Xbox dashboard files), but at least you'll have the files on your hard drive so that you *can* get this done, which isn't the case with a brand new Xbox that hasn't had an SG Mod. It takes some time to mail a memory unit and wait for it to be received, so I suggest you get the SG Mod now and have that step taken care of, so that the wait is out of the way and you're all ready to go the day there is a new software release that you can use. Besides that, if you have an Xbox manufactured around the same time as mine, you may be able to have the perfect setup: Being able to run Xbox games, and also, without any network connection or disc in the drive being required, being able to run unsigned code just by entering in a certain sequence of buttons at the dashboard.

I've heard that some people did some hacking or reverse engineering or what-not and learned how to make a focus chip work and made a Linux video driver that works with it. Unfortunately, I don't have easy, regular access to any Xbox other than my own, and so I can't really test the new software to find out if it works on any machine other than mine. The MechInstaller 1.0 release works fine on my machine. What more can I say?


Please note that I don't have much experience actually running Linux on my Xbox. I have run Linux on my Xbox, and I have a pretty good ability at being able to get other people's Xbox's able to run unsigned code so they can install Linux, but beyond giving you the ability to run the install files, any issues regarding running Linux is something you'll have to figure out on your own. I can get your Xbox running Linux, which can be very difficult to accomplish without help. Once Linux is running, though, I'm not the person to be asking for technical support at that point. Please do read my posts in a forum post (previously at or/or URLs) about my experiences with hard drive file system stability. Note that this was actually with an older Linux release, prior to MechInstaller. The newer Linux releases may have better file system drivers. This really only affects things after the SG Mod is installed: I am able to provide you with enough files to safely have an SG Mod and safely get unsigned code running on your system, but what you do with the unsigned code when it's executed isn't something I can guarantee the safety of.

Info on my SG Mods

The administration of The XBox Linux Project has compiled a list of volunteers who are willing to assist in efforts to be running Linux on an XBox. My data is as follows:
Name Position Address Email Address by mail by visiting SG SW HW USB Gift
Scott Conrad VanderWoude Software Installer Bellingham, WA
The United States of America Y Y Y Y N(ot at this time) N See

Before mailing anything to me, contact me via E-Mail and wait for my confirmation and approval. Failure to do this may result in loss of the XBox: It may be sold on eBay, submitted to my local police department as an item to be considered lost and/or stolen, or other undesirable things if you send it to me without prior approval.

I will not grant approval unless you state the following in your E-Mail, which is not a statement I am making, but rather required text that you must agree to before getting me involved in helping you out:
I agree to all terms of the project as listed on the XBox Linux Project's Users help Users page (as linked to from, as well as all terms listed on, as well as any demands made by Scott Conrad VanderWoude prior to or in the same communication as his approval, if he grants it, for me to send him what I am sending him under the program. I fully understand and agree that if anything is damaged, lost, or stolen, then anyone associated with and the XBox Linux Project's Users helping Users page, including any staff, administrators, owners, sponsors, and friends of these sites and its hosts are all totally released from any liability, and that I accept any and all risks associated with this activity.

The above paragraph is not a statement I am making: I am not taking responsibility. The above paragraph is what you must state if you want to use my services.

If you do send an XBox system, it must be accompanied by the previous paragraph in writing along with your signature. Please note that I highly don't recommend sending an Xbox system. It's probably cheaper to just go buy a memory card, rather than pay for round trip shipping for the larger and heavier thing known as an Xbox system. So far, I've had people stop by my place with an Xbox system, but I've never had anyone send an Xbox system, and I understand why. I just don't think it really makes sense to send the Xbox system.

International shipments aren't a problem, so long as they're legal for me to send them to you, so if you're in a nation that the laws of the USA say I cannot send the item to you, don't bother sending it to me. (Failure to follow this or any other rule on this page may have the same result as what is listed above for any memory unit sent without prior permission.)

No gifts are being requested at this time. This is just my contribution to the community which has provided me with enjoyment.